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Brent was a witch who had just come into his powers when Paige Matthews was assigned as his whitelighter.

In the Comics[]

No Rest for the Wicca[]

Brent first met Paige when she orbed into the boys restroom at school and stopped him and a group of other guys from bullying another student. He tried to leave, but Paige wouldn't let him and she tried to explain to him that he was a witch. Brent didn't like the term and tried to decide that he was a warlock. Paige stopped Brent from using his powers on his teacher and then she took him to the opening of magic school. She wanted to take him to meet some of the teachers and students, but Brent freaked out and wanted to be left alone.

After convincing Paige to leave, Brent is surprised by the appearance of Neena and Hogan. They approached him and the next time he is seen, it is up against the door to magic school with his neck broken.

Innocents Lost[]

With the loss of Brent fresh on Paige's mind, when Piper asked who they should try to find first of those not confirmed dead or missing, Paige chose another teenage boy that she had once helped, Tyler Michaels. This ended up saving Tyler, so in a way Tyler owes his life to Brent's death.

Unnatural Resources[]

Getting very annoyed at Hogan, Neena comments that it was his choice to kill all the innocents when he accuses her of not wanting to dirty her hands with their blood. She would have been just as content to leave them be. This confirms that it was Hogan who killed Brent, though it never specifically mentions him.

Oh, Henry[]

Reeling from the loss of the mother of the little baby she rescued, Paige mentions to Henry how bad she feels about not saving Brent.


Volume 1[]

"Guys aren't witches. Guys are wizards. Or warlocks. Yeah, if anything I'm a warlock." - No Rest for the Wicca