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| Links = [ Article on his passing].
| Links = [ Article on his passing].
{{Infobox comics creator
| name = Dave Hoover
| image = Dave Hoover.JPG
| imagesize =
| caption =
| birth_date = {{birth date|1955|5|14}}
| birth_place = [[Berrysburg, Pennsylvania]]
| death_date = {{Death date and age|2011|9|4|1955|5|14}}
| death_place = [[Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]]
| nationality = [[United States|American]]
| cartoonist =
| write =
| art = y
| pencil =
| ink =
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| color =
| alias =
| signature = <!-- very optional -->
| notable works = ''[[Wanderers (comics)|The Wanderers]]''<br />''[[Starman (comics)|Starman]]''<br />''[[Captain America]]''
| awards =
| website =
| sortkey = Hoover, Dave
| subcat = American
| Death = September 5th 2011
'''David Harold Hoover''' (May 14, 1955 – September 4, 2011) was an [[United States|American]] [[comic book]] [[artist]] and [[animator]], most notable for his art on [[DC Comics]]' ''[[Wanderers (comics)|The Wanderers]]'' [[limited series]], as well as lengthy runs on DC's ''[[Starman (comics)|Starman]]'' and [[Marvel Comics]]' ''[[Captain America]]''.
==Early life==
Hoover received his B.S. in Media Arts & Animation from the [[Art Institute of Philadelphia]]; and his Associate of Specialized Technology in Visual Communication from the [[Art Institute of Pittsburgh]].<ref name="bio">[ Bio at the Art Institute of Philadelphia's Digital Media department website.] Retrieved Sept. 10, 2008.</ref>
Hoover started his career in animation, first as a layout artist for [[Filmation Studios]] from 1977–1985, and during that time also worked for several other animation studios including Hanna Barberra and Mihan Productions.<ref name="bio" />
Over his career as an animator, Hoover worked on such shows as ''[[Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids]]'', ''[[The Archie Show]]'', ''[[Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle|Tarzan]]'', ''[[The New Adventures of Flash Gordon|Flash Gordon]]'', ''[[He-Man and the Masters of the Universe]],'' ''[[She-Ra: Princess of Power]]'', ''The [[Super Friends]]'', ''[[The Smurfs (1981 TV series)|The Smurfs]]'', ''[[Men in Black: The Series]]'', ''[[The Godzilla Power Hour|Godzilla]]'', ''[[RoboCop: Alpha Commando]]'', and many more.
Hoover also worked on two animated feature films, ''[[Fire and Ice (1983 film)|Fire and Ice]]'' (1983), the [[Frank Frazetta]]-inspired movie; and ''[[Starchaser: The Legend of Orin]]'' (1985).
In 1997, Hoover worked as a freelance animator for [[Columbia Pictures|Columbia]]/[[Tri-Star Pictures|Tri Star]] Children’s TV.<ref name="bio" />
[[Image:Spiderqueen1.jpg|thumb|right|135px|Hoover's rendition of [[Spider Queen]] from ''[[Invaders (comics)|Invaders]]'' vol. 2, #1 (Marvel, May 1993). Inks by [[Brian Garvey]].]]
From 1987 to about 1995, Hoover worked in the comics industry. In addition to his stints on ''The Wanderers'', ''Starman'', and ''Captain America''; Hoover has also worked on ''[[The Amazing Spider-Man]]'', ''[[Starman (DC Comics Modern Age)|Starman]]'', ''[[Punisher]]'', ''[[Tarzan (comics)|Tarzan]]'', and ''[[Invaders (comics)|The Invaders]]''.
In 2003, he returned to the comics industry with his [[creator ownership|creator-owned]] [[pornographic|adult]] series ''[[Wilde Knight]]'' with co-creator/writer [[Gary Petras]]; and in 2004 Hoover joined [[EAdultComics]]'s lineup of artists. Having established himself as one of the premiere [[good-girl art]]ists working today, Hoover's first assignment for the online adult comics publisher was ''Jungle Love''.
Hoover also pencilled the interiors of the first three [[Charmed]] comics and its prequel which Zenescope began releasing in June 2010.
He died in September 2011.<ref>[]</ref>
Hoover has been on Digital Media faculty at the Art Institute of Philadelphia since 1999.<ref name="bio" />
==Bibliography (selected)==
*''[[The Amazing Spider-Man|The Amazing Spider-Man Super Special]]'' ([[Marvel Comics]]) (1995)
*''[[Captain America]]'' #425-443 (Marvel Comics) (1994–1995)
*''[[Spitfire (New Universe)|Codename: Spitfire]]'' #13 (Marvel Comics) (1987)
*''[[Conan the Barbarian]]'' #253 (Marvel Comics) (1992)
*''[[Doctor Strange]], Sorcerer Supreme Annual'' #2 (Marvel Comics) (1992)
*''[[Dragonlance]]'' #20 ([[DC Comics]]) (1990)
*''[[Elementals (Comico Comics)|Elementals]]'' #13 ([[Comico Comics]]) (1990)
*''[[Excalibur (comics)|Excalibur]]'' #40-41 (Marvel Comics) (1991)
*''[[Fantastic Four]] Unlimited'' #1 (Marvel Comics) (1993)
*''[[GrimJack]]'' #46 ([[First Comics]]) (1988)
*''[[Hawk and Dove]]'' #13 and Annual #1 (DC Comics) (1990)
* ''[[Invaders (comics)|Invaders]]'' #1-4 (Marvel Comics) (1993)
*''[[Justice (New Universe)|Justice]]'' #14 (Marvel Comics) (1987)
*''[[Lunatik]]'' #1 (Marvel Comics) (1995)
*''Marc Spector: [[Moon Knight]]'' #51 (1993)
*''[[Marvel Comics Presents]]'' #83, 102, 123-128, 130-131 (Marvel Comics) (1991–1993)
*''[[Megalith (comics)|Megalith]]'' #8 ([[Continuity Comics]]) (1991)
*''[[Night Thrasher]]: Four Control'' #1-4 (Marvel Comics) (1992–1993)
*''[[Quasar (comics)|Quasar]]'' #26-27 (1991)
*''[[Jon Sable|Sable]]'' #26-27 (First Comics) (1989)
*''[[Samuree]]'' #8-9 (Continuity Comics) (1990–1991)
*''[[Savage Sword of Conan]]'' #171 (Marvel Comics) (1990)
*''[[Star Trek]]: The Next Generation - Embrace the Wolf'' (DC Comics) (2000)
*''[[Starman (comics)|Starman]]'' #26-37 (DC Comics) (1990–1991)
*''Uncanny Origins'' #1-3 (Marvel Comics) (1996)
* ''[[Wanderers (comics)|Wanderers]]'' #1–13 (DC Comics) (1988–1989)
*''[[What If (comics)|What If?]]'' #36 (Marvel Comics) (1992)
*''[[Who's Who in the DC Universe]]'' #2, 11 (DC Comics) (1990, 1991)
*''Who's Who in the [[Legion of Super-Heroes]]'' #2, 7 (DC Comics) (1988)
*''Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Update '88'' #4 (DC Comics) (1988)
*''[[Wilde Knight]]'' #1 ([[Basement comics|Basement Comics]]) (2003)
*''[[Wolverine (comics)|Wolverine]]'' #60 (Marvel Comics) (1992)
* []
*{{gcdb|type=credit|search=Dave+Hoover|title=Dave Hoover}}
*{{comicbookdb|type=creator|id=706|title=Dave Hoover}}
==External links==
* [ Comic Art Pimp - Dave Hoover commissions]
{{Persondata <!-- Metadata: see [[Wikipedia:Persondata]]. -->
|NAME=Hoover, Dave
|SHORT DESCRIPTION=American [[comic book artist]] and [[animator]]
|DATE OF BIRTH= May 14, 1955
|PLACE OF BIRTH= [[Berrysburg, Pennsylvania]]
|DATE OF DEATH= September 4th, 2011
|PLACE OF DEATH= Philadelphia, PA
{{DEFAULTSORT:Hoover, Dave}}
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[[Category:American animators]]
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[[Category:People from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]]

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