David Seidman
David Seidman 01
David Working
Full Name David Seidman
Worked On Cover Art
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Worked On
Penciler - Covers The Sourcebook
Charmed Lives
No Rest for the Wicca
Innocents Lost
Mortal Enemies
Unnatural Resources
Morality Bites Back
The Heir Up There
Oh, Henry
The All or Nothing
Three Little Wiccans
Last Witch Effort
The Charmed Offensive
Piper's Place
Cupid's Harrow
Where There's Smoke There's a Firestarter
The Heavens Can Wait
Family Shatters
Four's Company
Crossed, Triple-Crossed
The Old Witcheroo
Reversal of Misfortune
Prue Ya Gonna Call?
Penciler - Interiors The Sourcebook
Additional Info
Covers Penciled 23
Interiors Penciled 1
Issues Worked On
First Issue
The Sourcebook
Last Issue
Prue Ya Gonna Call?

David Seidman is the main cover artist for the Charmed comics. He is also co-credit with Dave Hoover for the interior art of one issue.

He was the main interior artist for Se7en.

He did covers for some of the Grimm Fairy Tales including a wrap around for Pinoccio and he did the B cover for the fifth issue of Salem's Daughter.





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