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The Heavens Can Wait
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The Power of 300

Glynnis is the decendant of a weapon maker who made the sword Leo is stuck with.

In the Comics[]

The Heavens Can Wait[]

After the sisters and Leo break into her home, she is stunned to see the sword in Leo's hand. When asked, she tells them the history of the sword and expresses concern that Leo, who is no longer magical, has the sword and wings. She explains that every time he uses them it will drain some of his life force. She promised to try and find a way to seperate him from the sword and wings.

Prue Ya Gonna Call?[]

Glynnis made her way to San Francisco over the course of several months to deliver some weapons that had become magical to the Charmed Ones. She was also able to tell them that the reason Leo can't put his wings back in is because the sword he has is not the sword connected to those wings.


Volume 3[]

  • "The sword must have united with whatever remains of the whitelighter in you. That's a problem." - The Heavens Can Wait