Lending his power to the Source
Full Name Hogan
Additional Info
Power(s) Discord
Blinking (post No Rest for the Wicca)
Sparks/Fireworks (Post No Rest for the Wicca)
Species Warlock
Number of Issues 5
Comic Appearances
First Appearance
Charmed Lives
Last Appearance
Unnatural Resources

Hogan was a low level warlock who had the ability to manipulate the minds of others with his discord power. He teamed up with Neena to bring back the Source and along the way, he gained powers from innocents he killed.

In the ComicsEdit

Charmed LivesEdit

When Neena and Hogan were first introduced in Charmed Lives, it seemed like Hogan was basically in charge with Neena subtly keeping his temper in check. They entered Luscious, a night club where there were intercepted by an Angel of Destiny.

No Rest for the WiccaEdit

In No Rest for the Wicca, the impression is still there, but Neena mentions that he can't blink, an unusual statement to hear about a warlock. Near the end of the issue, he, along with Neena, approached Paige's newest charge, Brent. At the end of the issue, he is dead, but we don't find out until later that Hogan killed him.

Innocents LostEdit

In Innocents Lost, the duo went to the area where the hollow is to get some soil for a potion Neena is working on. Though, Hogan still seemed to be taking the lead, it was becoming clear that Neena was prodding him behind the scenes. Since the previous issue, Hogan had gained the power to blink and a firework like power that resembled Brent's spark power. Most likely, he got that power when he killed Brent. The blinking power may have been acquired from killing someone else who had that power. There are no known innocents with that ability, but that doesn't mean there wasn't one. Blinking was a witch power, so he could have gotten it from a witch.

Mortal EnemiesEdit

Neena started to take charge more, when in Mortal Enemies, she openly came up with the plan to have Hogan share his discord power with the Source. Hogan didn't like this plan, but went along with it anyway. As Neena became more and more preoccupied with her main course, Hogan became more and more annoyed and whiny. He wants to become the Source's right hand man.

Unnatural ResourcesEdit

The journey ends for Hogan in Unnatural Resources, when the Charmed Ones defeated the Source and Hogan gets a little too much on Neena's bad side. She wraps him up in thorns and uses him as a throne.

The Heir Up ThereEdit

It is confirmed by Neena's new partner in crime, Rennek, that Neena had killed Hogan and also that she considered him only a tool, not a partner as Hogan believed they were.


Volume 1Edit


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