Kat and Tamora Mitchell
Sound Asleep
Full Name Kat Mitchell
Tamora Mitchell
Nickname(s) Kat - None
Tamora - Tam
Parents Paige Matthews
Henry Mitchell
Sibling(s) Henry Mitchell, Jr
Additional Info
Power(s) Kat - Freeze
Tam - Explosion
Species Witch
Number of Issues 7
Comic Appearances
First Appearance
No Rest for the Wicca
Last Appearance
Family Shatters

The first known twins to be born into the Warren line, Kat and Tamora (also called Tam), are the daughters of Paige Matthews and Henry Mitchell. According to Henry in Oh, Henry ,they were a surprise, a good surprise, but a surprise all the same.

In Oh, Henry, they gained a younger brother when their mom saved him from dying with his biological mother by orbing him out of her womb. It is unclear how much time is between them, but it is unlikely the twins was more than a year old.

It has been stated more than once that neither of the twins has come into her powers, the first time in Charmed Lives. They finally did come into their powers in Where There's Smoke There's a Firestarter. They have different powers, but both powers are believe to involve changing the speed of molecules in the same way as Piper's power works.

In the ComicsEdit

Charmed LivesEdit

No Rest for the WiccaEdit

Unnatural ResourcesEdit

Morality Bites BackEdit

Paige is changing the diaper of one of the twins when Phoebe calls her.

Oh, HenryEdit

Three Little WiccansEdit

Last Witch EffortEdit

Where There's Smoke There's a FirestarterEdit

Tam accidentally caught the house on fire when she used her power for the first time. They figured out that it was Tam when she also burned a circle in the floor at Magic School. Kat used her powers for the first time slowing down the progress of a book as it fell. Piper told Paige that they believe the twins split her powers, Tam speeding up and Kat slowing down. Paige and Henry are discussing the possibility of binding Tam's powers until she is old enough to control them. Paige does not think it is necessary to bind Kat's powers.

Family ShattersEdit

When Paige and Prue messed up thier family magic Kat and Tamora's powers unbinded. Tamora created a ring of fire and Kat froze a beverage.


Volume 1Edit

They did not speak in Volume 1.

Volume 2Edit

They did not speak in Volume 2.

Volume 3Edit

They have not spoken in Volume 3 as of Where There's Smoke There's a Firestarter.


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