Magic School
You're kidding, right?
Located in A Seperate Realm
Gateway to Earth
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Number of Issues 6
First Appearance
Charmed Lives
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The Heavens Can Wait

Although many magical children go to Magic School when they are young and the claim was made that the Charmed Ones did go there, it must have been when they were very young, before Phoebe was born and their powers were bound. Since Paige wasn't brought up around magic at all, there is no way she was raised around Magic School either. That means only Prue and Piper might have attended there.

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Gateway ToEdit


There are many portals to get to magic school all over earth. They can only be opened by someone magical and like the portal Paige showed Brent the portals to magic school are nondescript and often look warn down.

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The SourcebookEdit

"The Elders established Magic School as a training ground for young magic users. Set apart in a separate realm, hidden portals all over the Earth allow access to the school for those who have permission to enter. The school was set up as a safe environment for learning and protective wards were created to keep the students safe from death during their studies. Those wards were breached when The Charmed Ones went into hiding, allowing Magic School to fall under demon domain until it could be reclaimed."

Charmed LivesEdit

No Rest for the WiccaEdit

While Piper, Phoebe, and Paige go along their days, Leo is left watching the kids. Left with six kids, four of which have either no walking ability or questionable walking ability, Leo is unsure how to get them to Magic School.

Mortal EnemiesEdit

When the nonmagical innocents turn on them, Phoebe, Paige, and Coop escape to magic school with an unconsious Henry. Leo is already there with the magical innocents. Once there, Henry is no longer infected by the magic that turned the innocents, but he remembers what he tried to do to his wife. When Piper gets home, Paige and Phoebe help her escape the Source's attack and Paige orbs them all back to Magic School where they try to decide what to do next.

Unnatural ResourcesEdit

Where There's Smoke There's a FirestarterEdit

When Paige's house caught on fire, Paige took Tam, Kat, and Little Henry to Magic School. When they chased down Montgomery Knox, he pointed out that demons had taken over Magic School, something that should never happen at a school. While they were talking to him, they got a call from Leo telling them to come to Magic School. First Tam and then Kat showed off their powers.

The Heavens Can WaitEdit


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