Hanging out
Full Name Mika
Additional Info
Job(s) Publicist for The Bay Mirror
Number of Issues 2
Comic Appearances
First Appearance
Innocents Lost
Last Appearance
Morality Bites Back

Mika is a publicist for The Bay Mirror and a friend of Phoebe's.

In the ComicsEdit

Charmed LivesEdit

Mika was at the meeting that Phoebe missed at The Bay Mirror.

Innocents LostEdit

Despite being a publicist, Mika is supposed to make Phoebe look good for a publicity stunt that Elise dreamed up.

Morality Bites BackEdit

When Phoebe finds out that Mika's mystery guy is none other than Cal Greene, whom she was executed for killing, she thinks Mika is in danger from him. After Elise tells her about the girl Cal beat up, she calls him and confronts him. As much as it hurts her when he doesn't deny it, she breaks up with him. She is in tears when Phoebe finds her in her apartment. She goes back with Phoebe to the recording studio at The Bay Mirror where Phoebe is suppose to do her web chat.


Volume 1Edit

  • "If publicity stunts like this keep our doors open a little longer, I say slap on a smile and spread some love and light." - Innocents Lost

Volume 2Edit

  • "You mean we're not always on company time? Good. Because I've got something totally not work-related to talk about." - Morality Bites Back
  • "Maybe next time Coop and I will be able to get a word in edgewise." - Morality Bites Back


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