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Nathan Cross
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Full Name Nathan Robert Cross, Jr.
Parents Nathan Cross, Sr
Elizabeth Cross
Sibling(s) Timmy Cross
Additional Info
Species Human
Number of Issues 12+
Comic Appearances
First Appearance
Neverland Prelude
Last Appearance
Hook: Chapter 5

Nathan Cross is Neverland's version of Captain Hook. The main thing he has in common with Captain Hook is that he lost his arm to The Croc and now has a hook in it's place.


In the Comics[]

Hook: Chapter 1[]

Nathan is now living with Wendy and the boys. He hasn't been to see Dr. Harlow in a while, but nightmares about his brother have been plaguing him and he decides to call Dr. Harlow. While he is with Dr. Harlow, Wendy and the boys are attacked.




  • In an interview Joe Brusha said that his name was Jonathan. Nathan could be a nickname for Jonathan, but that would make three Jo(h)nathan's in the series since John and Dr. Harlow are Johnathan and Jonathan respectively.
  • In bonus pages in Neverland Prelude pages of Dr. Harlow's patient file on him list his middle name as "Ethan". On the gravestones near the end of Neverland: Chapter 7, Ethan is listed as his brother's middle name and his father is listed as Nathan Robert Cross, Sr. It is possible that Nathan's middle name actually is Ethan like his brother's.