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Neverland Prelude
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Neverland: Hook Vol 1 5

Pan is Zenescope's version of Peter Pan. His real name is Jacob Wiles, but he prefers to go by Pan. Like Peter he never wanted to grow up. Unlike Peter, his method of avoiding it was much more sinister.

He has been in more non Neverland issues then any other character from the Grimm Neverland universe.


He was born Jacob Wiles. He was the last being to be swallowed by the Dream Eater. However, he showed up at the end of the Hook mini series. Since it is not known if Hook happens before or after The Dream Eater Saga it is not known whether or not he is still alive, but it is likely as he was with the Dream Eater from the time he regained his powers until the Dream Eater swallowed him.

In the Comics[]

Neverland Prelude[]

Neverland: Chapter 1[]

Neverland: Chapter 2[]

Neverland: Chapter 3[]

Neverland: Chapter 4[]

Neverland: Chapter 5[]

Neverland: Chapter 6[]

Neverland: Chapter 7[]


Tiger Lily[]


Once Upon a Time[]

Neverland One-Shot[]

Salem's Daughter One-Shot[]

Ever After[]

Neverland: Hook Vol 1 5[]

Everything seems to be back to normal. Barr is defeated. His fairy is subdued. Everyone is all right and the people from earth have returned to earth. All is not as it seems as a shadowy character with a familiar scar and familiar ponytail watches everything through a red globe and announces to no one in particular that now that Barr is gone it is time for him to return to Neverland.



  • "You again. I guess I should have killed you, too. From now on, I'm just going to kill everyone." - Neverland: Chapter 7

The Dream Eater Saga[]

  • "Now . . . Let's find a way home. Hmmm . . . which way was it again? Ah, now I remember. Second star to the right and straight on til morning." - Once Upon a Time

Neverland: Hook[]