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Parker Halliwell
Full Name Parker Halliwell
Parents Phoebe Halliwell
Sibling(s) PJ Halliwell
Additional Info
Species Witch
Number of Issues 2
Comic Appearances
First Appearance
The Old Witcheroo
Last Appearance
Reversal of Misfortune

Parker Halliwell is Phoebe and Coop's second child. She was born in The Old Witcheroo.

On the Show[]

Since there second child was seen in "Forever Charmed" it is assumed that this is the same child, a second daughter. The first initial is also assumed since Phoebe told Prue that she had decided to continue the tradition of using the letter "P" to start names.

In the Comics[]

Four's Company[]

Cole told his ex-wife, Phoebe, that she and her new husband were expecting their second child.

Crossed, Triple-Crossed[]

Phoebe told Paige that her baby protested Paige's use of magic on the Mercers, but Paige decided that was just gas since Phoebe was only three months along.

The Old Witcheroo[]

Parker is born in the manor like her mother and cousin, Wyatt, before her. Thhhhhhe world in which she is born is quite different from the one the rest of her family was used to.

Reversal of Misfortune[]

Phoebe carries Parker from the manor to an alley where they get trapped by warring magical factions. Coop finds themmm and carries Parker the rest of the way to their destination, Knox Academy. Once there she is handed off to Elise who her parents trust to get Parker to safety. Parker is three weeks old.


She hasn't said anything.