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Ralph Tedesco
Ralph Tedesco 01
At a Comic Con
Full Name Ralph Tedesco
Worked On Editing
Worked On
Editor Charmed Lives
No Rest for the Wicca
Innocents Lost
Mortal Enemies
Unnatural Resources
Morality Bites Back
The Heir Up There
Oh, Henry
The All or Nothing
Three Little Wiccans
Last Witch Effort
The Charmed Offensive
Piper's Place
Cupid's Harrow
Where There's Smoke There's a Firestarter
The Heavens Can Wait
Additional Info
Issues Edited 16
Issues Worked On
First Issue
Charmed Lives
Last Issue
The Heavens Can Wait

Ralph Tedesco is one of the main people at Zenescope. He is also the main editor for the Charmed comics. He stopped being listed as editor as of Family Shatters, but was still listed as editor-in-chief.



Other Works



Edited Charmed Comics

Other Editing Jobs

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