Rennek 06
Coming out of retirement
Full Name Rennek
Additional Info
Power(s) Dark Orbing
Touch of Death
Species Darklighter
Number of Issues 11
Comic Appearances
First Appearance
Unnatural Resources
Last Appearance
Charmed Vol 1 18|Four's Company

Rennek was a darklighter who didn't tend to take things seriously when he was in control. He knew who Neena was, what she was doing, and he still chose to work with her. He was also cautious of her, knowing what happened to Hogan.

After Rennek bailed on the battle that took Neena down, he appears to be working on his own plan. He also appears to be working with Alexi, a seer who knows Cole.

In the ComicsEdit

Unnatural ResourcesEdit

Rennek is one of many evil magical beings that shared the power from the Source's vanquish.

The Heir Up ThereEdit

Rennek joined forces with Neena, but made sure she knew that he knew who she was, what she did to Hogan, and what she planned to do. He mentioned both the names Isabel and Victoria as additional names she went by.

From Kyle Brody and Leo Wyatt, Paige Matthews learns that Rennek was Leo's rival for years and his defeat was rewarded with Leo being given the Charmed Ones as charges.

Oh, HenryEdit

Rennek had been attacking whitelighters. A pregnant teenager got in the way of one of his arrows and ended up dead. The demon with Rennek was vanquished by the girls, but Rennek got away. He then watched on the side lines as Neena put together her army. He shot Kyle with a darklighter arrow when Neena bid him to.

The All or NothingEdit

Rennek assisted Neena as she took her army on the attack. He assisted in killing many elders.

Three Little WiccansEdit

Rennek was delighted to learn that Leo and Paige had infiltrated the ranks of the demons, mostly Leo, because he loved the chance to taunt Leo. While Paige was knocked into the afterlife prematurely, Leo remained a captive, much to Rennek's delight.

Last Witch EffortEdit

Rennek enjoyed taunting Leo and gave him a demonstration of when he had zombies remake Thriller.

The Charmed OffensiveEdit

Rennek joined Neena's final attack on the heavens, but was banished after Neena's powers were bound. His fate is unknown, but he's likely still out there.

Where There's Smoke There's a FirestarterEdit

Rennek showed up as Cole was leaving to talk to Alexi. He commented on the fact that he though Cole would have come to Alexi sooner and said he still needed to use the Jewel of Orthon.

The Heavens Can WaitEdit

Rennek used the Jewel of Orthon to control Bailey. He made her suggest adding Sarah to the list of young witches that Paige was going to visit in order. To try and recruit them for Magic School.

Family ShattersEdit

Four's CompanyEdit


Volume 1Edit

Rennek did not talk until Volume 2.

Volume 2Edit

  • "Remember back in the eighties when I got the zombies to remake the Thriller video? That kind of thing would go viral today. The video and the zombies." - Last Witch Effort

Volume 3Edit

  • "Ever since you got away from me the last time, I've been trying to find a way to distract your loved ones. Cause some strife to keep them busy. From missing you for a while. But your family is annoyingly functional. And then the perfect distraction just fell into my lap." - Four's Company


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