The Bay Mirror
The Bay Mirror 02
The Bay Mirror
Located in San Francisco
Additional Info
Number of Issues 3
First Appearance
Morality Bites Back
Last Appearance
Cupid's Harrow

The Bay Mirror is the paper that Phoebe works at.

In the ComicsEdit

Charmed LivesEdit

Phoebe is supposed to go back to work at The Bay Mirror, but Little Prue keeps beaming her back home.

Innocents LostEdit

Phoebe and Bay Mirror publicist, Mika, work together on a publicity stunt dreamed up by their boss, Elise Rothman.

Morality Bites BackEdit

Piper's PlaceEdit

After a break with Piper at Bo's Cafe, Phoebe goes back to work, but is surprised when Piper joins her. When she learns later that it's one of the fake Piper's, she declares that she must have had the clingy Piper.

Cupid's HarrowEdit


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