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Timmy Cross
Cover image
Full Name Timothy Ethan Cross
Nickname(s) Timmy
Parents Nathan Cross, Sr.
Mary Cross
Sibling(s) Nathan Cross
Additional Info
Number of Issues 3
Comic Appearances
First Appearance
Neverland: Chapter 2
Last Appearance
Hook: Chapter 1

Timmy Cross is Nathan's little brother.


Five years younger then Nathan, Timmy was killed by Pan. He was five-years-old at the time. He and his older brother were close.

In the Comics[]

Neverland: Chapter 2[]

Neverland: Chapter 4[]

Hook: Chapter 1[]

Nathan is tormented with dreams of Timmy being attacked by Pan when they were boys. The dreams gave him an idea that maybe Timmy might actually still be alive.

Hook: Chapter 4[]

After Barr tries to manipulate Nathan using the potential that maybe Timmy was alive and Nathan fights him, Barr informs him that he lied and Timmy is in fact dead. Nathan admits he knows.