Wendy Darling
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Full Name Wendy Darling
Kid(s) John Darling (Nephew)
Michael Darling (Nephew)
Additional Info
Species Human
Number of Issues 8+
Comic Appearances
First Appearance
Neverland Prelude
Last Appearance
Return of Hook

Wendy Darling is the female protaganist for the Neverland series.


Wendy lost her brother and sister-in-law to death and took in their two sons, John and Michael who she has raised as he own since then.

In the Comics

Hook: Chapter 5

While Nathan is going after Barr, Wendy stays behind with Tiger Lily and some of the others to take care of Barr's henchmen. She survives that all right, but when Nathan returns with a furious Barr close behind, she is distracted long enough that Barr's fairy can attack her and kill her. Tiger Lily choses to use the last of the child's power to bring Wendy back, knowing that the child will not recover from that, but saying they will find a way to continue from here. Belle returns her and Nathan back to New York.

Bad Girls 2

Wendy is shown in a cameo role with Tiger Lily fighting one of the reavers in Neverland.


  • "I don't think . . . I know what happened. If you want to analyze me then you can get the hell out of here. I'm only interested in someone helping me get my kids back." - Neverland: Chapter 2
  • "Yes, you're a regular basket case. And I love you." - Hook: Chapter 1
  • "I'll see you when you get back. And while you're gone... we'll handle the light work." - Hook: Chapter 5
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