There are no exact guidelines at this time for the treatment of spoilers on Zenescope Database. Below is a list of available templates, with some guidelines on how to use them.

Available templates[edit source]

Template:Spoiler[edit source]

To use, type {{spoiler|spoiler text}}.

This template should be used for general spoilers—any spoiler whose source material does not have a more specific template. More precise guidelines will be determined in the future.

Policy:unrevealed or alternate identities[edit source]

Characters who's real identities are either undisclosed as of the end of the issue, or revealed as part of a plot twist during the issue, can and should be treated as follows: [[actual name|name used before revelation]] , thus Living Monolith|Living Pharoah, who appears in Uncanny X-Men 54 and Uncanny X-Men 55 as Living Pharoah, and only becomes Living Monolith as of UXM56 can be addressed by the name he is generally known by since then. Alternately, if Norman Osborn appears separately from the Green Goblin, and we don't know he's the green goblin yet (its before ASM 39-40, for example), he should be listed as each persona, and his secret disguised as above.

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